Monday, October 4, 2010

не буду писати багато... як завжди, перфектно

Example commands and tasks GoogleCL can do.


  • google blogger post --tags "GoogleCL, awesome" --title "Test Post" "I'm posting from the command line"
  • google blogger post blogpost.txt
  • google blogger list title,url-site # List posts
  • google blogger delete --title "Test Post"
  • google delete --title "Silly post number [0-9]*" # Delete posts matching regex
  • google tag --title "Dev post" --tags "Python, software" # label an existing post


  • google calendar add "Dinner party with George today at 6pm" # add event to calendar
  • google calendar today # List events for today only.
  • google calendar list --date 2010-06-01,2010-06-30 # List events.
  • google calendar delete --title "Dinner party with George" # Delete an event.
  • google calendar today list --cal .* | egrep '\[.*\]' # List all calendars


  • google contacts add "J. Random Hacker,"
  • google contacts list name,email --title "J. Random Hacker"
  • google contacts delete --title "J. Random Hacker"


  • google docs delete --title "Evidence"
  • google docs list title,url-direct --delimiter ": " # list docs
  • google docs upload the_bobs.csv ~/work/docs_to_share/*
gdata-python-client >= 1.3.0 ONLY
  • google docs edit --title "Shopping list" --editor vim
  • google docs get --title "Homework [0-9]*"


  • google picasa create --title "Vermont Test" --tags Vermont vermont.jpg
  • google picasa get --title "Vermont Test" /path/to/download/folder
  • google picasa list title,url-direct --query "A tag"
  • google picasa post --title "Vermont Test" ~/old_photos/*.jpg # Add to an album
  • google picasa tag --title "Vermont Test" --tags "places"
  • google picasa delete --title "Vermont Test" # delete entire album


  • google youtube post --category Education --devtags GoogleCL killer_robots.avi
  • google youtube delete --title "killer_robots.avi"
  • google youtube list # list my videos
  • google youtube tag -n ".*robot.*" --tags robot

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